Reviewer Recognition

Being a reviewer is not a problem but a credit to the scientist. It is a recognition by different journals that a scientist is an expert in a specific field of science. Good and timely reviewing of articles is beneficial on several counts:

  1. National or international recognition outside one’s institute/university;
  2. Provides an opportunity to know latest research being carried out in one’s own field by other researchers around the globe;
  3. Gives an opportunity to help other researchers to publish their research in good journals;
  4. It is a good learning experience if the article being reviewed describes new technique/result/effect etc.;
  5. A good and consistent reviewer is not only sought after by good journals but in due course of time may be offered editor or editor-in-chief position which certainly is a credit to the scientist.

Research is not always about cost-benefit ratios or recognition. A true researcher/scientist should delight himself/herself in what he/she does and derive self-satisfaction. For a committed researcher recognition/rewards automatically follow. A dedicated scientist never runs after recognitions or rewards but they follow him/her(B.R. Rajeswara Rao,Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic PlantsLucknow, India)

Regular reviewer on articles published in our journal will get 10% discount on their own accepted articles. If a reviewer has completed at least two review in two years, they become a ‘Recognized Reviewer’. ‘Outstanding Reviewer’ status is awarded to those who belong to the top 10th percentile in terms of the number of completed reviews for our journal in two years. Editors can also hand pick reviewers and award them with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’.